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I think I got Sam's stupid plauge, I'm feeling like crap.

So my Awesome Brother and I went to go get tats tonight...
By this AMAZING ARTIST AHZRIEL, she broke my brothers tat cherry and repaired a fairy that needed it badly..

so on with the pictures ^_^

This is my brother's tat it means Chang, which is his last name.

My old fairy                                        My New Fairy *squee*

curb stomp
Make these Demons come out of my stomach! I have been vomiting since 2 in the fucking morning. I blame milk.. you sir are no longer my friend FUCK YOU AND YOUR MILKY GOODNESS. Oh and I haven't slept "WELL" In about 3 fucking weeks, I get maybe 2 hours tops.

I just want to sleepp.. *cries*


Oh Fusion and Tet Darlings..
Could you make this looks all Christmastime like? In gif style? I don't have software for it and I know you guys could do something awesome *pouty lip*  I want a pretty holiday icon.

 I haven't spent a Holiday with my family in Ages. Most of them have been spent with Sam's Family or Friends. I actually feel really out of place this Holiday and Sad, My mother was forced to work so her thanksgiving is going to be spent at Michaels. Sam is out socializing with his family as we speak but I just feel empty. I miss my Father, Mother and Family.


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